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Purple Vetches

Purple Vetches

I became a bit more adventurous with this one! Still, the flowers are very common yet they are ideally suited to embroidery, with their curving lines and variety of shades from blue through purple to pink. As the flowers age they can even become tinted with turquoise.

Cross stitch design

This was my first attempt to use a "sandwich" background, an ideal method to try to capture the complicated nature of the habits of plants which all seem to grow in a tangle. I used plain calico for the backing and hand-dyed organza for the top. Bits of thread, wool, and snips of cloth made the filling. I made what I imagine is a common mistake, in that I sprinkled on far too much xxxx powder than is necessary to seal the layers together! This can result in some very tough areas to stitch through if you're working by hand.

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