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A Selection of Embroideries in a Variety of Techniques.

Below is a selection of embroidered designs which is a total antithesis of my usual panoramic cross stitch landscapes. Mostly they're based on plants, or a small section of landscape - all found on Skye of course! - but selecting just one flower or frond of moss or a rock to depict in detail. The methods I use are all pretty simple though. I don't as a rule use complicated stitches. The backgrounds are usually hand-dyed fabric, silk or cotton. The threads are ordinary stranded cotton for the most part although I occasionally use silk, and even more occasionally I dye the thread myself.

To see a larger version of the picture, and a few details of how it was produced, just click on the 'thumbnail' below.

A few wild flowers...

Wood Sorrel

A small, delicate woodland flower with a characteristic "shamrock-style" leaf, this portrait is based on plants we saw growing in Kilmarie woods in Spring. The preferred habit seemed to be in the middle of clumps of moss which had grown on logs and dead trees. The background is painted silk.

Cross stitch design


This time I've concentrated on the moss. The background is calico, upon which is laid hand-made merino felt. The stitches are mostly freehand cross stitch and French knots, with blanket or button hole stitch for the fronds.

Cross stitch design


Vetches are common wild plants of which we have a wide variety in the garden since they thrive on poor soil!

Cross stitch design

Herb Robert

Another common flower but another one of my favourites.

Cross stitch design

Stepping back a bit...


Inspired by a visit to the Spar Cave.

Cross stitch design

Twisted Tree

Once more to Kilmarie woods for this characterful old tree.

mixed media design

And still further back...

The Cuillin From Elgol

I have lost count of the number of times I have painted and stitched this view!

mixed media design

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