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Stage Two - The Cuillin Ridge


The sky is finished, but before we begin the main mountains, the Cuillin, we must stitch the distant hills and the small area of sea which can be seen in the V-shape between the hills. Somewhat unusually, there isn't very much water in this picture but it's crucial. It forms the focal point.

For more clues as to how the water is done, turn to the illustration in 'Getting Started'. The simple picture there shows the water in more detail. Basically I do it horizontally, as split stitch, or you can think of it as sideways silk shading. When finished, the water thus takes on a completely different glow to the rest of the picture.

The illustration below shows the completed sky, shading to pink as it nears the horizon, and the distant hills. Note these hills were not outlined in split stitch as I did not want them to stand out too much.

pinnacle ridge design

To start the mountains I began at the highest point, a peak called Sgurr Alasdair, and worked out from there. This first row you are working the stitches up and over the split stitch line again. Because you're putting the stitches tight between the line and the sky, and your needle is quite fine, this row can be tough to sew.

If you intend your mountain to be recognisable, take great care with this first row that you don't blurr the outlines of the peaks. It's something to think about at the design stage, whether your needle will be able to replicate the shape you want, at the scale you are stitching it.

Do the mountain stitches close together. It doesn't really matter if the white fabric shows through a bit in the sky, but you don't want that to happen with the mountains.

pinnacle ridge design

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