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Stage Three - The Foreground.

Foreground Details

I always think this is the fun bit because I just love piling French knots all over the place to create details of foliage and flowers. The silk shading is also much more haphazard. Decide first where you want the larger rocks to be, outline their top edges with split stitch and fill them in first. Then you can drape your plant life over them in a natural way.

The main part of the foreground, however, is the path, for it is this that leads the eye into the picture and towards the focal point. In order to emphasise the path, I arranged for an artistic shower of rain to fall, so that I could use the water collected on the path to reflect the glowing sky.

silk shading design

You may have noticed also that my signature has appeared on the left. At first, adding my signature to an embroidery caused me trouble. What I didn't realise, is that you need to plan for it just as much as with any other part of the picture. If you sell your work you will know that your customers expect it to be clearly signed... and yet the last thing you want is for it to be so blatant and large that it overwhelms the embroidery.

A stitched signature can't be written with a flourish! You have to start by designing it. Quite likely your stitched signature will end up very different from your written one. I worked on simplification, and also adding features that make it stand out as being mine. Then there's the problem of size. I now use a fine, dark (not black) machine rayon in a size 11 needle. And I add it to the picture long before the end, so that I won't forget!

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