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Stage Four: Finishing Off

The Complete Embroidery

Below is a picture of the finished item.

silk shading design

The main points to note are...

1. Use French Knots to soften the lines of the path with overgrowing plant life, and also the area surrounding the signature.

2. When you think you've finished, look closely over the whole thing for stitches that are too far apart, gaps that will reveal tiny slivers of white silk when the picture is framed and you can't do anything about it! Fill them in with an odd stitch of appropriate colour.

3. Note that for all my efforts the top line of the sky sways a bit! This was corrected at the stretching and mounting stage.

4. When I really have finished, I go around the edges of the embroidery with pale tints of watercolours in appropriate colours. When the picture is framed, it can sometimes be difficult for the framer to exclude every bit of bright white silk from the edge of the mount, (and I really think this is distracting to the viewer). This gives the framer a little bit of leeway. You can also add a pale tint of watercolour to the silk behind your signature if you think it looks too stark. But take care... remember you can always make it darker if it's too pale, but going the other way is much more difficult.

Next Comes Mounting and Framing...

But that is another story I hope to get around to in the future.

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