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There are a few points I should make about what is and isnít included here.

1. If Iím known in the embroidery world itís probably because of my cross stitch designs. This site is not about them, though they may get an occasional mention. In stead, it concerns what you might call Ďfreestyleí embroidery on the one hand, and silk shading embroidery on the other. But, most of my embroideries are still landscapes, either in the grand view or the minute detail.

2. I personally donít create large designs, so I canít give any tips about managing huge pieces of textile art. This is because of certain health problems which make it difficult for me to handle large pieces of work. Usually I stick to less than 8 x 10 inches, often much smaller than that.

3. I use an embroidery frame of some sort for everything but the tiniest pieces of fabric. I feel there are so many advantages to using one that itís pointless not to; you may as well get used to it! I know some people disagree with this! So, I have devoted a section to embroidery frames and how to use them, and none at all to working in the hand as I have rarely done it, and failed miserably when I have.

4. As you might imagine, there isnít much information about gadgets! (Though I do admit to owning a sewing machine, and one of those little irons).

5. All the methods Iím putting forward for your consideration are things I have tried and that have worked for me. The methods I outline are what I do, and the products I describe are all things and substances that I actually use.

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