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Hints and Tips

Techniques and materials that have worked for me.

First of all thanks for dropping by, I do hope you find it worthwhile. I should mention first of all that there is more to come, just it has taken me a lot longer than I thought to write it all down and convert it into web pages! Eventually I hope to have something to say about designing and also creating unique fabric and threads. For now though, there are a few comments on the tools of the trade and quite an intensive look at how to create a landscape using the technique of silk shading.

Before I start on the descriptions of what works for me I thought it would be a good idea to first give an outline of my objectives in writing this. After all there is no shortage of information on embroidery and textile arts available on the Internet already. Not to mention the ever-growing number of books, and the many and diverse courses which are now available all over the UK. Compared with a few years ago, there is now no difficulty in buying all sorts of fabrics and threads and tools with which to embellish our creations. So why, you might ask, should I add to this?

Well, it’s because some people seem to think it’s necessary that you attend courses and shows, and have all the latest tools and gadgets. I think this is a rather sad misconception.

Embroidery is a diverse and satisfying world. For thousands of years our ancestors have managed without felting machines, sculpture paste and angelina fibres. They produced wonderful things using just a piece of cloth, coloured threads, scissors, and a needle.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Luddite, opposed to these modern inventions. Nor am I adverse to a “quick fix” for some things, especially if it works! It’s more the modern obsession with methods that are “easy” and “instant”, and which produce results that are “unique” simply by the virtue of random chance. It’s denying the satisfaction of acquiring a skill and perfecting it. It’s denying the opportunity to create something unique because you planned it that way. Random chance often does have a role in this but it’s not working alone.

In our strained economic climate, there are sure to be a growing number of people with time on their hands, but little money. I suppose that part of my motivation in producing this site is to reassure people in this situation, who may be interested in embroidery as a means of expression – but quail at the thought of the investment!

Just as there are some pieces of equipment I wouldn't want to be without, also there are some techniques which I believe you just have to sit down and master.

The following are a few ideas and discoveries I've made in the course of my work, I hope you'll find some of them helpful...

Sections on 'Designing' and 'Creating Unique Fabrics and Threads' will be along sometime in the future!

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