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freestyle embroidery

The background is hand-painted silk treated with salt. This is a rather haphazard method of painting, since you can never predict exactly how it's going to turn out. This was a heavier piece of silk than I normally use and the salt did not work in the usual way. Some of the patterns reminded me of the heads of thistles so I just went ahead and embroidered them in various stitches using Pearsall's Silk.

The size of the embroidery is about 8.75 cm (3.50") by 10.5 cm (4.50:).

The size including the mount is about 23 cm (9") by 23.5 cm (9.25")

The price (excluding postage) is 65.00. If you are interested in this piece of embroidery, please contact me via the Enquiry form.

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