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Sparkling Sea

Cross stitch design

The background is hand-painted silk, and the sea is made from Angelina fibres mixed with dyed silk tops, giving the realistic sparkle of a breezy day in bright sunshine. The islands are satin stitch and the foreground comprises the tiny islets where sea pinks (in French knots) grow in their thousands, as they are one of the few plants that can survive being washed by salt water twice a day.

The size of the embroidery is about 14.0 cm (5.50") by 9.0 cm (3.50").

The size including the mount is about 32.0 cm (12.50") by 24.0 cm (9.50")

The price (excluding postage) is 120. If you are interested in this piece of embroidery, please contact me via the Enquiry form.

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