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Gallery of Embroidery For Sale

A Selection of Embroideries in a Variety of Techniques.

Some of my embroidered art pictures are for sale, and a few of them are shown here. The pictures have a list of materials and techniques that I used to create them, and their size with and without the mount or 'matt board' as it is sometimes called.

Unless stated otherwise, they are all professionally double mounted, using acid-free materials, in order to protect them. The mount is usually off-white or ivory-coloured. A framer should find no problem in removing this mount if a different coloured mount is required.

Many people feel that the frame is part of the process, and to some extent I would agree, however the choice of mount board and picture mouldings that I have access to is extremely limited. This is not so in more populated areas of the country, and I feel therefore that a competant framer could do better, simply because he or she has access to a much greater range of colours and styles, and also deep rebate frames which are more suitable for textiles.

The other advantages are that you can choose a frame you like, and perhaps more importantly the work can be sent through the post without having to worry about the possibility of breaking glass and the damage it could cause.

To see a larger picture, just click on the thumbnails below.

I do not have an on-line payment system for this site. If you would like more information about purchasing, please use the following form:

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The following items are currently in the for sale gallery:

Honeysuckle Wood

From Kilmarie woods...

freestyle embroidery


From the Garden...

freestyle embroidery

Silk Islands

View across the sea...

freestyle embroidery

Silken Sea

Across the sea from another place...

freestyle embroidery

Sparkling Sea

Early morning sunlight on the sea, edged with sea pinks.

freestyle embroidery

Windflower Wood

Once more to Kilmarie woods, this time in spring...

freestyle embroidery

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